How to sell a tractor

How do I sell my tractor? 


Sell it yourself 

You can choose to sell your tractor by private treaty. You may choose to find marketing avenues to attract tractor buyers for your asset. This however can take time,  appointments with potential buyers. As a tractor seller you will also need to research the value of your tractor. Typically these values are found by using past auction prices. Cleaning your tractor along with fixing any mechanical issues will increase the value of your tractor and make it easier to sell. Once a potential buyer is found  the seller will then need to negotiate a price with the buyer. 


Sell it at auction 

You can choose to sell your tractor utilizing auction. This process is easier for the seller. You first research an auction company that you are comfortable working with that specialize in selling tractors. An auctioneer will come to your location, clean your tractor, suggest any repairs or updates that may help your tractor realize more money, photograph your equipment and upload to the auction companies bid platform for buyers world wide to bid on your tractor for short period of time. Once the tractor is sold the auction company will send you a check within 14 days. The auction process establishes the price and is sold on the day you as a seller choose.