Online Auction Benefits

Online Auction Benefits

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  • Some people simply don’t have time to make it to an auction. Holding your auction online allows all of those people that otherwise may not be able to attend a chance to participate. Widening the potential buyer pool tremendously and in turn increasing the amount your item could sell for. 
  • All of the information on the item being sold is collected and easily accessible. Along with plenty of pictures showing every angle. Bidders can take their time checking out each photo and reading all of the information before making their bid. 
  • When nearing the closing time of the auction as a bidder places a bid, the total bidding count down time is increased by a set amount as fixed by the administrator. Allowing the time for bidding to be extended gives more opportunity for other bidders to participate in the auction, in turn increasing the dollar amount in which it sells.
  • Once the item sells the buyer is responsible for immediate payment which is as easy as the click of a button. Allowing extreme convenience for the buyer. After the payment has been processed all that is left is pick up of the item which the buyer is also responsible for. 
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