A Charitable Donation Transforms to Auction

A Charitable Donation Transforms to Auction

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Mel and Kay Johnson gave back to their community but took a special interest in the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. After establishing their finances as wheat farmers for nearly three-quarters of a century, the couple would send philanthropic gifts on behalf of friends and family members. As they grew a relationship with the Foundation, they became more involved with the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch and the impact the organization has on so many people. The organization’s mission for connecting caring people to help prepare the youth for life spoke to Mel and Kay Johnson. They continued this giving relationship up until their last moments to help the organization. This would later include 1280 acres of farmland that came up for auction after the couple passed away.


These former wheat farmers were able to transform years of hard work into a charitable donation that benefited such an important cause. For agricultural landscapes that are up for auction after such a long history, it’s always appreciated when there is a story that can be shared to offer potential buyers some perspective.

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