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Pease Ranch Inc. 6079+- Acres

6079 +- Deeded Richland County Montana Acres - Including Pasture, Irrigated and dry land tillable acres- To be offered in individual tracts, combinations and its entirety at a Live Simulcast Auction at the Richland County Event Center in Sidney, Montana

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6079+- Deeded Acres located in Richland County, Montana 

Auction Location: Richland County Event Center - Sidney, Montana

Auction Date: Wednesday August 14 th 2019

Auction Time: 2 p.m. mountain time

To be Offered in Individual Tracts, Combinations and Its Entirety At live Simulcast Multi Parcel Auction 

A diversified farm/ranch operation with irrigation pivots, feed lot, scale, cattle working facilities, shop, barns, grain storage, stock damns, reservoirs, water wells, pipelines, shelter belts. 

Tract 1: 639.4 +- Acres  with approximately 581.5+- Productive Tillable Acres, grain storage and 2 reservoirs. 

Tract 2: 641.93 +- Acres  with approximately 478.13 +- Tillable acres, water well and fenced for livestock 

Tract 3: 1943.05 +- Acres plus 640 acres State of Montana lease with 851+- Tillable acres includes many amenities including 2 irrigation reservoirs one of which is a 30+- acres, 8 water wells pumping into the irrigation reservoir, 224.11 +- acres under 2 irrigation pivots, 104.91 acres flood irrigated, 107.3 acre feet water commercial water marketing rights and water depot water is supplied from 2 fox hills wells,  water treatment building, cattle working facilities, 900 +- head feedlot with 2200 feet of bunk space, shelter belts, scale facility for both livestock and feed weights, grain storage, 3-Silage pits, Two homes, machine storage, barns and fenced for livestock. First water rights to the North Fork of Red water creek. 
Minus 13 acres with  1 home,  newer shop  that are not included in this tract.  

Tract 4: 613.49 +- Acres with 528 +- Tillable Acres. Fenced for livestock. Stock dam/irrigation diversion.

Tract 5: 642.76 +- Acres  with 362.17 +- Tillable Acres, water well and fenced for livestock. 2 stock dams. Approx. 2638.00/annual income from oil location site/pipeline.

Tract 6: 638.92 +- Acres with 392.27 +- Tillable Acres, stock dam and fenced for livestock 

Tract 7: 639.97 +- Acres with 300.61+- Tillable Acres , water well , stock dam and fenced for livestock. Homestead site. $1000/annual income from oil location site. 

Tract 8: 320.29 +- Acres with 122.81 +- Tillable Acres and fenced for livestock with water well.

In order to settle the corporation Tracts 9-15 have been removed from the auction. 

Tract 9: Removed from Auction 640.8 +- Acres

Tract 10: Removed from Auction 642.61 +- Acres

Tract 11: Removed from Auction 642.27 +- Acres

Tract 12: Removed from Auction 320.84 +- Acres

Tract 13: Removed from Auction 642.67 +- Acres

Tract 14: Removed from Auction 642.91 +- Acres

Tract 15: Removed from Auction 642.07 +- Acres



To be offered in individual tracts, combinations and its entirety at a live simulcast multi parcel auction event. 


Informational Seminar: Tuesday August 13 th 5 p.m. - Richland County Event Center - Sidney, Montana
This will be an opportunity to ask questions about the property, visit with auction reps and learn how to bid at a multi parcel land auction. 


Property Videos will be available soon. 

Property listing agent/auctioneer: J.K. Kinsey - 877-243-6691

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