Fall Ag Marketplace Auction

Fall Ag Marketplace Auction

Accepting consignments for our Ag Marketplace Fall Auction This auction will include assets from a local estate and other consignments. Call today to list your items.
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Buying or selling? Any given asset placed in a professional auction environment will establish a fair price.

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Consignments from across Montana & North Dakota

There are two ways to consign your assets:
1. Call our office today to consign 877-243-6691
Tell us what you have by filling out the ONLINE FORM 

Tips for preparing equipment to sell: 

1. Cleaning equipment. Take the time to detail equipment. Start by power washing the grease off the unit, vacuum, clean inside with a rag and clean windshield.  Some auction companies will provide this service for you . 

2. Replace worn tires 

3. Repair any mechanical issues which will yield maximum return on investment.

4. Maintain equipment on a consistent basis while you own the equipment. Regular oil changes. Keep records of oil changes and have them available for potential buyers to view of each machine. 

5. Remove equipment from building when your auction representative comes to photograph equipment for sale. 

6.  For pull type equipment that has been stored outside, pull the unit into a clean area that is weed free to take photographs. 

7. If you have older equipment in running condition. Replace batteries if needed so unit will start when a potential buyer comes to view the machine. 

8. Have the equipment running on preview days for potential buyers to view

9. Be courteous and helpful when potential buyer's request information about your equipment.

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